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Our Free Sofia Tour is a great chance to see amazing sites packed with incredible history, culture and local peculiarities. And what is more, have fun while learning interesting stuff – the ultimate experience! Visiting the capital of Bulgaria can be really great. Just follow the Free Sofia Tour guide with the orange umbrella!

Getting to the meeting point of the Sofia Free Tours

One of the Free Sofia Tour guides, holding an orange umbrella, will be at the Fountain in front of the Presidency waiting for you (check map). You don’t have to book for our Free Sofia Tour. Just show up 10-15 minutes in advance. The Free Sofia Tour is intended for individual tourists and small groups. We advise larger groups of more than 10 persons to call or message us in advance. We will organize a separate tour, which could be more enjoyable and focused on your group.

All the guides on our tour are professionals. They are licensed by the Ministry of Tourism of Bulgaria. You will recognize the Free Sofia Tour guide easily. He or she will hold an orange umbrella. No matter what the weather is like our guides will take you all the way in the centre of Sofia every day (Saturdays and Sundays excluded). However, we advise you to wear warm clothes in winter and a bottle of water in your bag is a must in the summer when walking the streets during the Free Sofia Tour.

Sofia Free Tours Details

Our Free Sofia Tour in the center of the city features a lot of walking – check the itinerary. It will take about 2 hours or 2 and a half hours. The guided tour is suitable also for children. Normally the guide will not stop for any dedicated breaks. But there are options to sit down for a while when stopping at some of the sites. If you really need a break or toilet, tell the guide. We do not enter buildings but we recommend going inside the most important after the tour.

If you really need to leave early, please, tell the guide. Otherwise they will look around for you until they are sure you did not get lost. At the end of the Free Sofia Tour feel free to ask the guide for suggestions what to do next in the city. He or she will be glad to give you hints on restaurants, food, souvenirs and even hiking in the Vitosha mountain. Don’t forget to recommend our Free Sofia Tour on TripAdvisor.

Don’t miss the chance:

  • Join our Free Sofia Tour and have fun
  • Enjoy the show of our great tour guides
  • Learn incredible stories of past and present
  • Impress your friends on your social media channels by cool photos
  • Experience unforgettable moments in the center of Sofia.


✔ Rotunda of St. George
✔ Ruins of Ancient Serdica
✔ Church of St. Petka (Paraskevi) of the Saddlers
✔ Banya Bashi Mosque
✔ Former Communist Headquarters
✔ Royal Palace
✔ National Theatre
✔ Russian Church
✔ Hagia Sophia Church
✔ St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
✔ Sofia University

Revealing the Bulgarian Capital

Sofia is a fascinating city. It combines the past and the present in a fantastic way and you will experience that during our Free Sofia Tour. You will not see any entirely preserved medieval castles or fortresses during the tour because there are not any still standing. But this does not lessen the fascination and glamour of the city. Actually most massive buildings from the times of the great Roman and Bulgarian empires were demolished by the Turkish invaders and the material was used for other construction projects.

We don’t have castles but we do have layers as you will see on the Free Sofia Tour. Ruins from the Copper-Stone Age (IV-III millennium BC) have been discovered much closer to today’s center of the city. Although little, the findings from this era in the area near the Sheraton Hotel reveal a thriving Thracian settlement called Serdica. This era marked the beginning of the historic Sofia center and in fact this city center has not changed its location even to this day.

Discover and enjoy Sofia

According to researchers from the XIX century Serdica was the birthplace of Helena Augusta (246–330) – a Roman Empress (later pronounced as Saint Helena by the Church) and mother of the Roman emperor Constantine the Great (272-337, later pronounced as Saint Constantine). Actually Constantine loved Serdica so much that he had plans to move the capital of the Roman empire here. “Serdica is my Rome”, he used to say according to ancient historians.

On the Free Sofia Tour you will see from these times the ruins of the Imperial building complex and the Rotunda of St George. The rotunda was consecrated a Christian church around the year of 330 and to this day it is the oldest preserved functioning church in the city, and among the oldest functioning churches in the world – also a fabulous place from our Free Sofia Tour.

The time of the Roman Emperor Justinian I the Great (527 – 565) was the last period of the city’s prosperity in antiquity. The fortress walls of the city have been rebuilt and the impressive Basilica of Hagia Sophia appeared after the architectural recomposition of an old small church – also magnificent places included in our Free Sofia Tour.

And that’s not all! Check the Free Sofia Tour itinerary for all the sites you will visit – walking, learning and having fun together!

pl. Atanas Burov, 1000
пл.  Атанас Буров, 1000

Pro Tip: You can easily come by foot if you are already in the city center. Or you can take Subway: the nearest station is “Serdica” and it is on both M1 and M2 lines.

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