Petar Petrov

Tour Guide & Founder

I am an architect and I specialize in historic buildings conservation. I am a professional licensed tour guide and have experience with organizing international volunteering projects for heritage sites. My specialties are history,  architectural styles, and archaeology. Sofia is a city with many historical layers, and often they are obscured. I would love to show you this heritage. 

Architecture never lies!

Danail Nikolov

Tour Guide & Founder

I am a professional licensed tour guide and I have experience in the international tourism business both at the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria and in Sofia. My specialties are history, culture and theology so you can rely on my wealth of knowledge in these fields. I believe that combining walking, learning and having fun is the best experience for anyone during the day in Sofia.

You will have much to write home about!

Sofia Free Walking Tours is a platform for professional licensed tour guides who want to join the free tour’s movement.  On our tours the visitor can meet all sorts of guides, with unique personalities, curious backgrounds, and interest in special topics. But anyone is loves Sofia and is looking forward to meet you. 

Become a Guide

Sofia Free Walking Tours is a platform for freelance tour guides. If you are a passionate guide we would like to invite you to join our team. Tour guiding is one of the most rewarding and inspiring ways to discover the culture and history of Sofia while sharing it with people from all over the world.

What will you do

You will conduct free guided tours in the city center of Sofia several times per week according to our schedule. We run free tours every day.


  • To love working outside in the fresh air
  • To be friendly and welcoming
  • To be passionate about cultural heritage
  • To posses an extensive knowledge of Sofa
  • To have a knack for storytelling


  • You must be fluent in English language
  • You must be registered in the National Tourism Register as a tour guide and have the relevant identification card from the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism.

If you see yourself as a free tour guide we would like to here form you. Submit the form and say hello 👋

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